Lumion for Nemetschek Allplan

Capture the atmosphere of your Allplan designs with Lumion rendering software

Lumion compatibility for Allplan architecture software

Nemetschek Allplan is one of the leading architectural CAD programs for achieving precise design and construction drawings. When you add in Allplan’s 3D modeling capabilities, the design software makes it possible to fully control how you want to visualize and communicate your project.

However, when you want to go beyond standard visualization and convey the beauty, experience and atmosphere of your Allplan designs, Lumion architecture rendering software dramatically eases the process to create emotionally captivating images, videos and 360 panoramas.

With a sweep of the mouse, you can craft the background views of your project; you can add nature items like trees, lakes, bushes, branches, flowers and more to show your design in its richly detailed context. For the interiors of your design, Lumion helps you capture the beauty of your spaces with living room furniture, kitchen appliances, bedroom props, and more.

Once you’ve built your scene, you can add photo and video effects to craft a unique style, and you can render a high-quality result in a matter of minutes, not hours.

How to import Allplan 3D models into Lumion

When you’re ready to start rendering, whether you’re preparing a presentation for a client or iterating on the design with your teammates, Lumion makes it easy to import your Allplan models.

To ensure a seamless import into Lumion, make sure to export your Allplan model as a .DAE (COLLADA) file. This file type typically works best with Lumion and it reduces the possibility of importing issues. Alternatively, you can also export your models from Allplan as an .FBX or .DWG file. By using any of these three file types (.DAE, .FBX, and .DWG), you can easily get your model(s) into Lumion and begin working immediately.


And if you need to make alterations to the model in Allplan, you can reload the updated models into Lumion without losing the work you’ve already done, such assigning and personalizing materials, scaling and placing the model in the right spot, and choosing viewpoints and video clips for your photo and video renderings.

For more information about importing your Allplan model into Lumion, check out this article from the Knowledge Base.

Why use Lumion with Allplan?

  • Quickly and easily create atmospheric, stylish renders at any point in the design process
  • Recreate a lifelike or conceptual environment to show your design in its context with over 5,600 models in the Lumion content library
  • Make the materials of your design feel real with over 1,200 materials in the Lumion content library
  • Create high-quality images in minutes; create videos in a few short hours
  • Create 360 panoramas for interactive presentations and VR

How does Lumion rendering software work?

Build a lifelike setting

After importing your model, you can apply materials and add objects to create a setting with people, trees, cars, furniture and other context. A single click gives your project a mesmerizing sky. Make it rain or cover the ground in snow. Place a building in the mountains. Show a house on the oceanfront. Lumion makes it easy to show your design in its future setting and communicate the vision behind your project.

Capture the perfect mood

Before rendering an image, there’s one final thing to do — apply and combine effects to show your Allplan design with a compelling, illustrative style.

Hunting for the right arrangement of effects can take time. Although the Style feature includes eight presets for instantly producing an attractive look, you may need to do a little customization to create the unique mood and style you want to express.

Render faster than ever before

Most architects are artists with a keen eye for quality. And we understand this fully. While Lumion features cutting-edge rendering technology to help you create images and videos in a short amount of time, it never sacrifices quality. You can create beautiful, comprehensive animations in a few short hours, and create moody, highly stylish images in a matter of minutes.

You can test Lumion’s rendering speeds yourself by downloading the Free Trial.

*Model design by Marco Caccini

Tips & Troubleshooting

When connecting Allplan modeling to Lumion rendering, you can enjoy frictionless re-import capabilities, so that when you need to modify your model in Allplan, you can re-import it into Lumion without losing any of your work.

Whether you’re iterating a project to completion or using Lumion for the first time, you can find a wealth of tips, tricks and techniques available on the Lumion Knowlege Base.

*Model design in the header image by Ten Over Studio.